A Special Digital Economic Zone

Skymind Innovation City (SIC) is set to be gazetted as a Special Digital Economic Zone, which encompasses various tax and talent incentives, AI facilitation programmes, as well as talent development programmes to meet the needs of global partners.

A Government-backed Ecosystem

A national project set to be backed by the state and federal government, Skymind Innovation City (SIC) is poised to have its own Special Innovation Zone policy, which aims to provide various tax and talent incentives for SIC global partners

Affordable and skilled talents in Malaysia

The access to affordable and skilled local talents in Skymind Innovation City (SIC) will lower the overall business operation cost while maximizing business productivity.

Be part of Fortune 500 global tech community

The global partners of Skymind Innovation City (SIC) will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other Fortune 500 global tech companies via Skymind connection.

Close Proximity to Singapore

Skymind Innovation City (SIC) is strategically located adjacent to Singapore which is a global trade center, enabling the commercialisation of SIC products on an international level.

Close Proximity to International Airports and Ports

The close proximity of Skymind Innovation City (SIC) to international airports and ports around Johor and Singapore enables the transfer of talents and technology, as well as easing the importation / exportation process regionally and globally.

Skymind Overall Ecosystem Model